Life Insurance

Getting life insurance can help protect your loved ones and their future.

Life insurance acts as a financial safety net, that is there to catch those who financially depend on you, if you were to pass away.

Getting life insurance cover can help provide for those you leave behind. Having worked with many customers across New Zealand, we understand how tough it can be for your loved ones to continue paying rent or a mortgage, paying bills to supporting your children’s education and helping them maintain their quality of life.

There are lots of things to consider when buying life insurance, from how much your family will need if you could no longer support them to possibly investing in extra cover features depending on your history or lifestyle. At Lifestyle Solutions, we don’t believe there’s a policy that’s a one fits all, therefore we talk with you and design a policy that is best suited to protect your family from financial hardship.

What you need to know about our Life Insurance

Highlights of what’s included:

  • The insurers that Lifestyle Solutions work with can offer an advanced funeral payout, so you receive a portion of your cover early while we process your claim.
  • An early payout for terminal illness to use for treatments or taking care of your family.

What’s not included:

  • In some cases, we can’t cover existing medical conditions, but we can discuss this when you request a quote or submit an application.
  • Death from war, terrorism or riot.
  • Death from suicide is covered up to the level of cover that you already have if you are replacing your cover.

Is life insurance for you?

As soon as you have loved ones that financially depend on you, then it’s a good time to consider protecting them, in case there’s an unexpected tragedy.

Here are some of the reasons why our customers purchase life insurance:

  • They’ve recently got married and so they now share the finances, and rely on each other’s income to sustain their new lifestyle.
  • They have recently had a child or already have children and so, they want peace of mind that their family will be financially secure if anything was to happen.

They have recently purchased a home with their partner and they want reassurance that their new home is future proof with great insurance, as the mortgage may not be feasible without two incomes.

Protect the future of your loved ones with life insurance cover

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