Health Insurance

When it comes to protecting your health and wellbeing, you have a choice.

Your health is valuable and essential to you and your family, and without good health your life could go topsy-turvy. It’s important to have private health insurance with a company you can trust, and Lifestyle solutions works hard to find the best insurer to match your needs and situation. Consider the effect of a sudden hospitalisation. Is the hospital care good enough? Are the specialist treatments within financial reach? – Do you have adequate medical insurance that you can confidently say “yes” to these questions?

Lifestyle Solutions health insurance covers the cost of private medical treatments, that includes surgery, cancer treatment, non-pharmac cover, specialist consultations and more. We understand that health insurance needs to be tailored and be in accordance with your lifestyle, history and possibly your family’s history. Get covered with confidence with a personal policy designed to meet your needs and circumstances.

What you need to know about our Health Insurance

Highlights of what’s included:

  • Unlimited cover towards surgery (depending on the policy).
  • Up to $300,000 for cancer cure.
  • Your choice of medical provider.
  • Hospital related specialist visits (conditions apply)
  • You have a choice of excess options that can help you keep your premiums affordable

What’ not included:

  • Some exclusions do apply to
    pre-existing conditions.
  • Those aged 60 or over cannot be

Is health insurance for you?

Having health insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that you can get the medical treatment you need, when you need it.

Here are some of the reasons why our customers purchase health insurance:

  • To receive faster access to
    treatment by avoiding extensive public hospital waiting lists.
  • It’s less of a financial stress
    for them and their families by reducing the costs of private treatment and time
    off work.

Our customers get more choice when they receive treatment for qualifying medical conditions.

Choose the best coverage to protect your health and wellbeing

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