Business Risk Management

Protecting your business for the future.

We first take time to understand you, your goals in life and business then we help you to identify the impacting events that exist in your business and family that can take away from your life and goals. We then design personalised strategies to protect YOU and the KEY people in your world from these events!

Key Person Cover

Inject cash into your business on the loss of a key person through disablement, suffering a major illness.

If a key person died, or was disabled, would the future profitability of your business be as certain today, as it was yesterday?

A key person is someone whom the business relies upon for cash flow, market share, expertise, contacts, knowledge and experience etc.

If this person were not there, or was unable to perform their normal duties, the profitability of the company would be dramatically impacted.

The death or disablement of a key person could impact the business in a number of ways:

  • Loss of profits and additional costs in finding and integrating a replacement.
  • Loss of customers and valuable contacts.
  • Loss of market share as competitors take advantage of the situation.

Would your business continue without your business partner or major shareholder?

If your business partner, or a major shareholder died last week, who would you be in business with today – their spouse? their children? an accountant? a lawyer – a total stranger? Running a business is demanding enough when you’re all alive and healthy.

Continuity of the business enterprise is at risk in the event of an untimely death or serious disablement of a shareholder. Our goal is to make sure the business can continue and to protect the interests of your partner’s dependents.

Shareholder/Partner Protection

Do you really want to be in business with the spouse of your business partner?

Buy/Sell Agreements

Keep control of the business whilst ensuring your partner’s family is protected.

Do you want to be in business with “Your deceased partner’s widow’s second husband’s lawyer”?

An Insurance funded Buy/Sell Agreement is a means of creating cash exactly when required for the ongoing shareholder to purchase a deceased or seriously disabled shareholder’s interest in the business.

A Buy/Sell Agreement ensures that the cash is used as intended. The document can include an agreed price, or how the price is to be determined.

Shareholder/partnership protection is designed to provide a predictable outcome in the event of a crisis, and the smooth handover of control and ownership, on the death or disablement of a shareholder.

  • Control of the business is retained by those in the business.
  • The family of the deceased/disabled are treated fairly.

Protect your business interests.

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