Insuring your tomorrow

A wise man once said, “you can’t live your life in fear, however, you must prepare”. One of Benjamin Franklin’s most famous quotes, expressing a similar sentiment, is “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Preparation is the key to giving yourself the best chance to succeed in life, and live in a state of freedom from anxiety and fear of the future.

Since worrying about money is the biggest cause of stress, and because stress can negatively affect health and even contribute to chronic health problems, it makes sense to eliminate anxiety about money problems caused by unforeseen life events.

But the problem with financial preparation is, most of us find insurance complicated and hard to understand. We don’t know where to start, which means many of us don’t even get off the starting blocks when it comes to personal financial planning. This means, when the unforeseen does happen, we may struggle to cover our mortgage, rent, and living expenses. Consequently, we may have to sacrifice the lifestyle we have become accustomed to, the lifestyle we worked hard to establish for ourselves and our loved ones. The good news is a solution is simple, and right at hand…

Richard Sewak from Lifestyle Solutions leads a team of experienced personal insurance specialists. His passion is to help you identify and understand life’s risks. He is driven to educate, and give others the knowledge they need to make informed decisions around personal insurance. He brings all of his experience and skill to bear in creating tailored solutions that fit the individual needs and protect unique lifestyles.

Our Team is available to have an obligation-free chat and review existing policies or establish new insurance protection. Call Lifestyle Solutions on 0800 477 488 or send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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