5 Tips for Successful Goal Setting

We’ve all been through the process of setting New Year’s resolutions and time and time again, we struggle to find the motivation to work towards them.

We begin to feel guilty, disheartened, and we start to see ourselves as terrible goal setters. But it’s not our fault because most of us have never been taught how to set goals.

Remember, the seeds we sow today are the rewards we reap tomorrow.

Five Key Steps

Set yourself on the right path to achieving your goals.

  • Step One. Your goal has to be something that you haven’t achieved before, and something that you don’t know how to achieve, because if you already know how to achieve something, it is not a goal.
    The real purpose of setting a goal is to grow as a person, learning new skills, acting outside our comfort zone. There’s a person that you have to become to achieve your goals.
  • Step Two. You must really want your goal. You must have a burning desire for your goal. Along the journey you’ll face all sorts of obstacles and challenges and if your desire for your goal is not strong enough, it will be easy to give up. However, if your desire is strong, you will keep going and push through all the obstacles necessary to get to your goal.
  • Step Three. Write down your goal. Get a clear image of what the end looks like. How would you feel once your goal was achieved? Put pen to paper. A goal not written is a pipe dream. Clarity is power. Remember, hold the image of the goal all the time.
  • Step Four. Share your goals only with those who will support you along the journey, and not with those who will pull you down. Get an accountability partner. Someone who will hold you accountable so that you are taking the necessary actions every day, that’s needed to move you forward.
  • Step Five. If you don’t know where to start, make a disatisfaction list. Write a list of things that you are not satisfied with in your life, and then write the polar opposites. Normally, the polar opposites are the things that you want. Pick one or two things that excite or enthuse you the most and get started. Remember, hold the image of the person that you have to become once you’ve achieved your goal, and start acting as you are already there.

Earl Nightingale said that “Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal”. As long as you are moving towards the goal you are a success.

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