About Lifestyle Solutions

Who we are, how we work and what you can expect as a client.

About Lifestyle Solutions

Lifestyle Solutions is Christchurch based family business with a focus to look after and protect like-minded families and business owners in the event of illness, disability, and death. The way we do that is to assess the risk in their life and/or business and putting together commonsense, straightforward, easily understood strategies and solutions so when the unforeseen does happen they have a plan to action and a mechanism to genuinely cope financially at a time that is enormously stressful and very uncertain.

“We pride ourselves by bringing the best products and services to our clients.”

We have a strong working relationship with all our insurers, legal and accounting partners, which enables us to provide the best financial solutions for our clients.

Richard Sewak

My passion to help others is the most powerful driver of my will to succeed. What I love about what I do is the fact that I get to wake up every day and make a difference in people’s lives. I educate and give our clients the knowledge to make informed decisions about their future and I help facilitate those positions and put them into reality for them. I have also found that our clients don’t have the time to get all their risk affairs in order so what I also do is help clients find the right professionals and experts to get it sorted.

I am committed to providing our clients the best quality advice and excellent service. I believe that success and excellence is not a destination but a journey hence I am continually learning and so I can keep improving my service and continue add more value to our clients.

“I am committed to providing our clients the best quality advice and excellent service”.

Originally from the beautiful Island of Fiji I came to Christchurch in 1996 and after 20 years consider myself a true Cantabrian. I commenced my career in the financial services industry as a ‘tied’ Health Insurance Adviser in 2001 and for the first few years I spent on the road travelling all over New Zealand from Keri Keri and Pahia right down to Lumsden and Te Anau helping client with their needs. In 2010 my wife and I set up Lifestyle Solutions offering the full suite of risk insurance solutions with a vision to help our client achieve their goals whatever they may be while making sure they have the right insurance cover in place to provide the financial resources to genuinely cope when the unforeseen does happen and times can be very uncertain for you and those around you.

Our approach

Lifestyle Solutions is a specialist risk management financial advisory company run by Richard Sewak. We design and implement life risk management solutions for our clients and in this regard we like to think we are a little different.

Risk management approach

We take a risk management approach to the design of our client solutions. We see our role as

  1. helping you to determine the key life risks facing you and your family
  2. evaluating the potential effect of those risk events on your finances and lifestyle
  3. Determining how the financial/lifestyle effects of these risk events will be managed and
  4. Where insurance is deemed an appropriate risk management tool, evaluating products and structures to maximise benefit in a cost effective insurance package without compromising quality.

“We won’t “sell you” anything…..we will help you to make an informed decision!.”

Our Promise

  • Is to help you understand Insurance and how it works.
  • We will act in your best interests!
  • We will only recommend benefits that can be expected to serve your objectives and needs.
  • We won’t “Sell you anything”…we will help you to make an informed decision!

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